Downtown Reno

Downtown’s, no matter what city you’re in, always have that commonality of the center of it all, good, bad, indifferent, glamour, action, entertainment (both on the edge and traditional), don’t they? Events in the park, music, art, pub crawls, you name it – downtown Reno has one more favorite of mine, the Truckee River runs right through it! Hotels, casinos, restaurants, affordable and high-end condo living, scrumptious dining, did I mention the Truckee River? More walking and biking paths, Wingfield park and entertainment stages, unlimited events and nightlife, not to mention the University of Nevada, Reno is just north of the action; the Biggest Little City’s heart is in downtown Reno – thriving, growing, expanding and is experiencing a new renaissance.  Downtown Reno living is a vibrant and exciting place to live.