Lake Tahoe

Congratulations to Barton Hospital for acquiring the ol’ Lakeside Hotel & Casino — expanding the hospitals footprint at the lake!

Dreams do come true! Lake Tahoe, which happens to be in my backyard, is renowned for its pristine waters and amazing views.  Tons of entertainment and variety of outdoor activities, I try to get up there at least every other weekend.  Hotel-casinos, ski resorts, walking and biking paths, camp grounds,  beaches, more restaurants than I can name, my fav Baseline Pizza at Heavenly Village on the south shore, not to mention all the water sports on Lake Tahoe, my fav paddle boarding, the pace of a busy life slows for a day or weekend, allowing one to breathe and enjoy life.  Plan a visit soon! I enjoyed the beauty of Angora Lakes recently, a nice beginner’s hike. I also toured the Vikingsholm property, a Nordic-style mansion, Emerald Bay State Park where we enjoyed watching baby eagles high atop one of the pines at the lake’s edge…this is my home away from home.