Sparks Marina

Sparks seems to be going through another growth spurt! Sparks is located just before you reach the Tesla Gigafactory at the Reno Tahoe Industrial Center off I-80 East (including the likes of Microsoft, Apple, Panasonic and Switch), high-end custom and affordable homes are vast in city of Sparks and more are being built every day. They say you can get more “home” for the money in Sparks, so far, I think that is still true.  Sparks is a great community to live in and raise a family. Pyramid Lake is not far from Sparks, many residents love a quick jaunt to Pyramid Lake during the summers. Founded in 1904, Sparks was the switching yard and repair center for the Southern Pacific Railroad. No, Sparks is not named for the sparks the trains make when slowing down on the tracks, it was named in honor of Nevada’s Governor, John T. Sparks, a ranch owner near the tracks.