Future Smart Home: Are Cement Homes the New Mid-Century Modern?

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Cement Homes

The Home of the Future: Cement Homes

Have you ever thought about what a future smart home would look like? What about what it is made of? Will we be relying more on concrete? Cement homes have been gaining traction and here is what we think: It’s awesome.

“Concrete architectural designs have a unique appeal to them. They are raw, real, and unfiltered. In a world where glass structures and skyscrapers dominate the skylines, rugged and minimal concrete structures are in a league of their own. They immediately catch your eye, slowly inviting you in with their rustic aura. ” Srishti Mitra, Yanko Design

I came across this article a few days ago, and it really inspired me to think outside of the typical traditional or modern home. Why not a cement home? It presents such beautiful contrast between textures, color, light, and function.

I’ve been thinking about homes of the future and love the idea of smart tech, without the spying feature. Here are a few homes that are so modern and cool, that I wonder how realistic it would be to build one of these in Reno? I’m looking into it.

I tend to lean towards a more traditional home design, there’s something really cool about modern home style designs as outlined in this article. The home of the future really can be achieved today with design and technology. For those who already have updated tech in your home, do you love it? SIS is a company located next door to me, they pull it all together for you as far as tech design goes, and, I just sold one of my clients office buildings to a Reno Architect! We have a team ready if you’d like to pursue this endeavor.

For more information and listings that might interest you, be sure to visit us here. 

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