Spring Cleaning: 4 Places to Begin

Spring Refresh and Updates

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Spring is finally here! It is always such an exciting season of rebirth, fresh starts, new beginnings, and beautiful awakenings- not to mention in most places- the end of what feels like a cold and arduous winter. Springtime is most often associated with tax season, work deadlines, and endless cleaning. Not that those things aren’t important, but this season also marks a great opportunity for tackling those projects that we have been putting off for let’s face it- a few months!

Along with great new homes hitting the market as people begin upgrading their homes or moving out of state for new work opportunities, spring cleaning is a perfect time to organize your space and determine if your home fits all your needs and wants. Here is the roundup of 4 easy places to start your spring refresh:

The Kitchen: Makeover or Makeunder?

The kitchen is a daily spot we all go to and are using each and every day. Washing dishes, making food, packing lunches. Even though we may clean the surface there are other spots in the kitchen that harbor and hide the things we have been putting off for a while…

A good spot to begin in the kitchen is the big one: the refrigerator. I recommend clearing your fridge entirely to clean it out, wipe out sticky residue, change that water filter, and update your light. Do it the day before you are planning on grocery shopping so that you have less to have to put back in.  Once it’s wiped clean you can go through and determine what’s expired, and what you’d like to put back in your fridge.

The next area to tackle would probably be the pantry. A spring cleaning refresh in an often neglected area. It might be time to determine where that funny smell is coming from, maybe update your dry good canisters, and determine what is the most functional for your space.

Whether you’re  wiping down or reordering the inside of your cabinets it’s always a good time to determine what to toss, donate, or update in your kitchen. Maybe you want to go for a new modern look. Or upgrade to a sleek but chic natural vibe. Whatever the style your looking to achieve the kitchen is often a great starting point because it is the place you will inevitably visit multiple times a day.

Your Room/Closet: Spring Cleaning Declutter 

Although many people don’t feel like they spend much time in their room and closet- making sure your room is a great place to rest and relax starts with making sure it is comfortable and clean. Maybe rearranging the furniture, bed placement, and turning out some new fresh sheets can instantly update and refresh a tired space.

Tackling that pile of old clothes or dirty laundry can also help in the mission of keeping a neat and relaxed space inviting. Closet organization can be anything from donating, tossing, to just folding up some of those clothes we’ve been waiting to use in a new season that doesn’t require us to always be all bundled up. Spring cleaning can be an excuse for a clothing haul. Maybe you do a capsule wardrobe and need to change out your new season items. Any excuse to try on some clothes is always good!

Your Bathroom: Serious Refresh and Revival 

No one likes cleaning it- but we all have to use it- the bathroom. It is both a place of serenity and a source of germs. So give it a good scrub and start tossing some of those old expired face creams. Maybe switch out your candles and bath wash for something sweet. Time to try that new shampoo you’ve been saving for next month. Out with the old and in with the new.

Your Computer: Digital Clutter 

Ever heard of the cloud? And no we aren’t talking about Restoration Hardware’s notorious comfortable couch- we’re talking the digital cloud. Clutter can come in all shapes, forms, and sizes- including digital. It can be hard to start but it’s addicting to finish- organizing your computer. Declutter old documents, organize photos, and delete unwanted files and folders. Going through your digital cloud and properly saving and organizing your desktop in a functional way- will save you many future hours of trying to find old tax documents and baby photos. We save, search, and collect so much digital information that we forget to go through and give ourselves the pleasure of a digital hard drive cleanse. It may not always be easy going through thousands of photos but it will be worth it when we can confidently retrieve important documents in the future.

Time to get Started

The best start is to begin anywhere and work your way through your home. Spring cleaning isn’t just a day but a season of renewal. It’s always hard to get started, but once you do it will grant you an entire new perspective. Many times it gives you motivation to realize you might need to upgrade your space whether that upgrade is a few DIY’s or maybe a move. With more people spending time working from home, it is important your home fits your daily needs.

Be sure to check the Hello Real Estate Center blog for some home style and décor inspiration. Maybe some care tips and DIY’s we are loving. Be sure to browse our listings for new homes and properties in your area that might suit your needs and expectations better than your current place. We look forward to hearing from you!

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